I am an ESL instructor at an intensive English program in Minnesota. I completed my MA in ESL about a year ago, and I’m learning how to live, teach, and learn after graduate school. I’m involved with the MinneTESOL professional organization as one of the MELEd Conference chairs as well as the TESOL International Association.


Before grad school, I majored in English at the University of St. Thomas and then spent a year and a half teaching English to elementary students in South Korea.

Ok, now for some other interesting tid-bits that do not necessarily pertain to my education or career path…

25 Random Facts About Me

25. I’ve been bungee jumping once. I like to think that I would do it again, but part of me thinks I’ll pee my pants if I try.

24. I get addicted to TV shows fairly easily. My favorite (all time) shows, however, have not changed in a while:

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Lost
  3. How I Met Your Mother

When I was in Korea, I had a cylon doll that came with my box set of BSG. I brought it to school for my students to play with during play time, and I taught them how to ask to play with the cylon. There’s a class of 10 Korean students out there that probably thinks all robots are called cylons.

23. My biggest pet peeve is when people chew with their mouths open. I guess it doesn’t bother me if I can’t hear it, but the sound of food sloshing around in someone’s mouth drives me nuts!

22. My favorite animal is the slow loris. Watch this video to learn why…

21. I played basketball from 5th grade through high school. I wasn’t very good, but I had a really good time with the team. I tried really hard to will myself to grow to 6′ tall. It didn’t happen.

20. Once during high school, my friends and I left at 1am and drove to Canada (just across the border) to say we did. We got some coffee at Tim Horton’s and drove back to Minnesota.

19. I worked at a theological library on campus all through undergrad. It was an awesome job, and I seriously considered going into library sciences so I could work there forever.

18. I didn’t get my first cavity until I was 17 years old.

17. I hate being late for anything. I usually set my alarm weirdly early and end up waiting around before I have to be somewhere.

16. I have two cats. Their names are Larry (the gray one) and Max (the other one). They are quite a bit larger now.

kitties! 008

15. Before coming back to the US after teaching in Korea, I spent a month in Europe. Of all the places I had the pleasure of visiting, my favorite place was Austria (Salzburg mostly). Being in the Alps was AMAZING (there aren’t many mountains in MN), and the Sound of Music Tour was probably the best tour I’ve ever been on.

14. I don’t listen to music very often these days, but I always end up going back to music circa 2004 (My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Hoobastank, Linkin Park, The Used, Atreyu, NewFound Glory, etc). Check out this article if you want to learn more about why my emo phase was actually the greatest thing that happened to me.

13. The only time I didn’t want to be a teacher was for a brief period when I wanted to be an astronaut. I’d be too chicken to be an astronaut, but I’m still really interested in space and the Universe.

12. I like all kinds of food. There really isn’t anything I won’t try. Although, I think my sense of food adventure has decreased in recent years. The only thing I actively avoid eating is blue candy. I don’t know why.

11. Science fiction is probably my favorite genre of book, television, and movie. However, crime (fiction and non-fiction) is a close second.

10. The first social thing I did upon returning to Minnesota from Korea was the 2nd Annual Zombie Pub Crawl in Minneapolis. I went with my brother and his girlfriend, and it was pretty crazy watching 10,000 zombies take over the streets of Minneapolis. It’s grown a lot since then.

New York and Zombies 202

9. I love traveling, but I hate flying. I get really nervous every time I have to fly somewhere.

8. My grandma taught me how to knit when I was about 8 years old. I used to knit scarves because they’re just long rectangles, but when I was about 20 I began experimenting with patterns. I successfully knit a sock a couple years ago, but it took so long and it looked so ugly that I didn’t knit a partner for it. My most recent endeavor was knitting rugs from torn-up sheets.


7. My favorite season is fall. I love walking in crunchy leaves and the cool air is a relief from the hot, sticky air of summer.

6. I love the smell of paper. I don’t know why but post offices, libraries, and copy rooms smell amazing to me. This might be a reason I wanted to work at the library on campus forever.

5. I’ve never had a broken bone. I like to think it’s because I drank a ton of milk when I was a kid. I remember not wanting to drink anything but milk until a doctor told me I should drink other things as well. I don’t drink much milk these days.

4. I had a huge crush on Elvis Presley during high school. I spent hours watching his movies (which I no longer find entertaining) and listening to his music. If I had been alive during his time, I probably would have been one of those girls crying at his shows. I loved him so much that I Photo-shopped a picture of my face onto one of his leading lady’s bodies for an art project in high school.

3. I worked at an amusement park for three summers during undergrad. It was akin to slave labor, but I kept going back. It was really nice being able to work outside, and getting to ride the rides for free was pretty great.

2. I “discovered” Bob Dylan my last year of undergrad and probably spent a good 3 hours/day listening to his music and reading his lyrics. While I still enjoy a good Bob Dylan tune once and a while, it’s no longer an obsession.

1. I have an affinity for red shoes.



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