Wiki Project: Pictures make everything more fun


We worked on our class wiki today in the computer lab. My students had been asked to finish their profiles last week, and only one or two students did as much. I was feeling kind of discouraged about their seeming lack of interest in the wiki, but today revitalized my hope that the project may be a success after all.

One issue that students were facing was a lack of motivation and sometimes the technology to access the wiki outside of class time. During class today we did some online practice with parts of sentences and then I showed them how to take pictures with Photo Booth and upload them to the wiki. Everyone immediately got either super excited or super frustrated with the task. The students that had more previous experience with online social media tools that allow for pictures to be uploaded took off with the task and proceeded to take a series of great photos of themselves and our class. The students that seemed to have less experience with social media and computers in general became frustrated, probably because they felt left behind. With a little assistance, all the students managed to upload a picture to their profile and the level of engagement with the wiki increased overall.

Photo on 2013-02-06 at 11.40